SS WHITE -Titanium Hand Instruments Chisels And Hoes Double Ended Chisel (09-03)

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• Brand :SS WHITE (Select Plus )
• Ergonomic Handle: Excellent Comfort at working
• Special Metal Alloy: Special Metal Alloy Stainless Steel mixed with Titanium
maintenance sharp cutting efficiency and long life
• Solid Mounting: Mounting working tips with handle are safe even in difficult
• Hand Finishing: Tips are fabricated individually by highly skilled craftmans
• Non-Stick: Composite material and cement do not stick to the instrument tip
due to the special stainless steel alloy mixed with Titanium
• Sterilization: Instruments are resistant to all sorts of sterilization

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INSTRUCTION OF MAINTENANCE AND STERILIZATION OF SSWHITE DENTAL INSTRUMENTS Instruments should be cleaned immediately after use in order to prevent them from permanent and difficult to remove stains and discolouration. • Difficult to remove stains should be cleaned with a soft synthetic brush. • For hygienic reasons use washing solution only once. • For cleaning and rinsing use demineralized water so as to avoid a risk of stains. • Recommended by manufacturers concentration of cleaning agents should not be exceeded. • Sterilization can not be a substitute for cleaning. • Do not sterilize instruments that have not been cleaned. High temperature will cause permanent discolouration. • Instruments should be sterilized in atmospheric pressure in 121°C for 15 minutes or in overpressure 2 Atm in 132-134°C for 5 min. • Blunt, cracked or chipped instruments should be removed from use. Damages caused by improper use and maintenance are not subject to repairs. Improper or other than intended use can lead to premature wear out of instruments. Less pressure should be used for instruments with smaller diameters or longer working part. Steel alloy of working parts is corrosion resistant however prolonged contact with higher than recommended solutions of some substances may cause permanent discolouration or corrosion centres. Do not expose instruments to concentrated acids, ferric chloride or aqua regia.


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