Luxator Set (Nylon) Plastic Handle, Autoclavable Of 6 Pcs -SS WHITE

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• Brand : SS WHITE • Material: Plastic (Nylon) Handle Autoclavable • Ref no. Description Size Application:- • L2S- Straight Blade 2mm Apical and Interproximal • L3C Curved Blade 3mm General / Starter * L3CA Contra Angle 3mm Lingual & Distal- Molars • L3lC Inverted Curved 3mm General, Lingual & Distal • L5C Curved Blade 5mm Molars Roots / General Use * L5S Straight Blade 5mm Interproximal • Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand



Useful Information of Luxating Instrument:- Luxating Instrument or Root Elevator both are different as their design or aid in the extraction of teeth, however, there are significant differences in their design and intended use. Luxating Instrument are thinner than traditional elevators, and because of this, they are sharper. Elevators are thicker with a slightly bowed shoulder on the back side and are less sharp. Luxating Instrument are thinner and sharper, they are better able to fit in tight apical spaces and are more efficient at cutting the periodontal ligament. They are designed to be used in a circular cutting motion to separate the tooth from the surrounding bone and periodontal ligament. Luxating Instrument should not be used in a prying motion like traditional elevators, nor should you try and apply torque to a tooth root with a Luxating Instrument. When you use a Luxating Instrument as a wedge against a tooth to facilitate the breakdown of the periodontal ligament, the Luxating Instrument must be deeply seated in the periodontal ligament space. We often describe Luxating Instrument as being a very technique sensitive instrument as they are not very forgiving and will chip and/or break if used incorrectly


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