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• Brand: Prowhite
• Number of Items -2 ( Spray Nozzle Tip)
• Material Type -Aluminium
• Proper care of the dental Handpiece and contra-angle involves (1) cleaning, (2) sterilization, (3) Lubrication, and (4) adjustment.
• Item Weight- 499 grams /500ml

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SINCE the advent of increased speeds of operation for the shaping of cavities, the problems associated with the care and maintenance of dental handpieces have become more significant. One of the most important is proper lubrication. The suggested materials and methods for the lubrication of handpieces and contra-angles are numerous and apparently many have been chosen rather empirically. Proper care of the dental handpiece and contra-angle involves (1) cleaning, (2) sterilization, (3) lubrication, and (4) adjustment. The study, investigations of lubricating fluids were made in 4 areas: (1) viscosity, (2) stability of the fluids under heat, (3) practical evaluation in the straight handpiece, and (4) practical evaluation in the contra-angle. The viscosity of a fluid is its resistance to change of form or its internal friction, and is one of the most useful characteristics in determining a suitable lubricant thus we recommend Lubricare.


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