Diamond Bur 2 Layer WR Series (E2) Wheel -SS WHITE

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• Brand : SS WHITE
• Stainless Steel Shank and 2 Layers Diamond Coating.
• Pack Contains : 1 Strip of 5 Bur
• Code indicates the shape of the bur
• 2 Layers Diamond Coating, Fine diamond crystals attached to Metal base

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SS White Burs are made in accordance with ISO Specifications for both the Stainless Steel Shank and Multilayer Diamond Coating. SS White Diamond Burs come with the choice of 5 different grains/sizes to suit all your needs starting with Black – Extra Coarse to Yellow – Extra Fine apart from Blue, Green and Red Grits. To obtain optimal results please follow instructions related to Speed, Shape, Sizes and Grits of Burs carefully. SS White Burs are available in blister strip packs


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